OFYR Pizza Oven 85


With its natural wood fire, the OFYR lends itself like no other to making delicious pizzas. The OFYR Pizza Oven consists of a double-sided cast iron plate, a pizza stone placed on top and a double steel cloche with the outside rotating around the inside, as well as a pizza shovel.

The cast iron plate has openings allowing heat to circulate. By turning the knob on the cloche, you can determine the size of the opening between the inner and outer cloche. The larger the opening, the more air circulation and the hotter your pizza oven becomes.


Please note: Stock is available.  Delivery in 5 - 7 working days

Weight: 23.6kg

As standard, OFYRs will be delivered to the kerbside outside your property, so please make sure you're available when it arrives. If there's anything that might make it tricky for us to deliver — like uneven roads or overhanging trees — make sure to let us know.

Please note: The OFYR is heavy! Why not check to see if you're eligible for our premium White Glove Delivery service? Just call us on 01962 793800.